This new center has been made possible by a generous gift by Financial Data Technologies (FDT), a Hong Kong based FinTech company. It is a sister center of the Oxford—Nie Financial Big Data Lab at the University of Oxford, UK.

The research of the Center will focus on the exploration of theoretical underpinnings and modeling strategies for financial asset management through the introduction of dynamic control and big data analytical techniques.  The Center's research will combine modern portfolio theory, behavioral finance, machine learning and data science to study core problems including optimal asset allocation and risk management; and the research of the Center sits at the crossroad of financial engineering, computer science, psychology, statistics, and finance, aiming at providing innovative and intelligent investment solutions. The Center not only engages in scholarly inquisitions, but also embraces practical relevance, especially in an era when a new industry of robo-advisors is emerging and thriving.

Financial Data Technologies Ltd. (FDT) is a fintech firm based in Hong Kong led by one of China's most renowned and innovative bankers, Dr. Ma Weihua. With people having experiences at prominent companies such as IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft and Tencent at its core, FDT is committed to building a financial platform driven by big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and mobile technology.

FDT's non-profit project "FDT Incubator" strives to foster a community of talented traders by creating a trading platform and social network for people around the globe to demonstrate, compete, and share. Through the combined effort of the data science team and the research labs in many top universities, FDT has utilized both its real and virtual trading data and engineered a set of performance metrics, called the "FDT Score” that captures traders’ trading performance and behavior. Furthermore, with its in-house developed metric system as its foundation, FDT invests in developing artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions in financial services, risk management,  and financial education.

FDT's headquarter is currently based in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou. FDT has donated financial research centers at educational institutions across the globe, including the Oxford-Nie Financial Big Data Lab at the University of Oxford, FDT Innovation Lab at Tsinghua University, Nanjing University FDT Financial Research Institute, and the FDT Center for Intelligence Asset Management at Columbia. FDT has also invested in other promising fintech companies. As a leading fintech firm, FDT aspires, by working closely with both academia and financial industry, to build a new, efficient, innovative and fair financial world.